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Welcome to Briefty where organisation meets simplicity. Say goodbye to missing information on your products, manuals or receipts, and scattered notes. It’s your digital briefcase, reimagined for the modern era, where everything you need is just a tap away.

There is no login required - Briefty prioritises your privacy and data security. Your data remains confidential and secure within the app on your phone, never collected, shared, or sold to third parties.

About Briefty

Created by professionals for professionals

We understand the frustration of needing something urgently about your product, but not being able to find it, or forgetting important details like measurements, properties, or purchase locations, or manual to look up what that function does? And what about those times when you need to find a receipt for warranty or returns?

That's why we created Briefty – to keep your interior designs, products, and home ideas organised in one convenient place. Adding them is a breeze with photos, notes, and if needed documentation. You can even add items from other apps or websites by simply sharing them to Briefty. Whether it's a product, property, location, insightful article, or an event you saw on social media, or maybe even an entire property inventory, save it to Briefty for easy access.

And Briefty has cards - for everyday essentials like store discount cards, QR codes, or temporary receipts and tickets, simply add them as quick cards on the homepage.

Effortless Organization

Briefty simplifies your life by helping you to organise all your important information in one place

Access Anywhere

With Briefty, access all your saved information online or offline - anytime, anywhere. It's about seamless convenience and reliability

Trusted Privacy

Trust Briefty to safeguard your data. No registrations, no unknown servers—just trust and privacy guaranteed

Get full access to Briefty

Unlock all features of Briefty with our pricing plans. Choose the perfect option to suit your needs and enjoy full access.

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Track products as wishlist and sold

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Unlimited number of products

Add notes, price, warranty etc

How Briefty works

Get to know

Take a photo
Enter a title & save
Tap a room and search

Up to 7 photos actually, or import your product’s photos from your library. Our optimised photo sizes ensure your storage space is maximised

You can also add product’s brand and model for its manual retrieval online. Add notes and other information. And you can scan to insert text, or use voice input

Search your products by their title, brand, notes and other fields

Save it to Briefty

Tap the share button within other apps, in photos, screenshots or websites to instantly save products to Briefty. Add helpful notes for future reference

Share a product

Share any product with a photo, via a message or email. Add personalised notes to your shares

Card Gallery

Add your store cards, notes or temporary receipts for immediate access on the homepage. Add titles, notes and set auto-delete options for convenience

Unlock Briefty and make it yours

Just as you would not rent a briefcase, or shelf space, in the same way there’s no subscription to Briefty. Purchase it once and it is yours

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3 products per room

2 images per product

Unlimited products

7 images per product

3 fields per product

Share products via email or text

20 items shared to Library from other apps

Add model, price, warranty and more

Find product’s manual

Unlimited items from other apps

Scan text to insert product’s information

Share items via email or text

2 quick access cards

15 quick cards



Frequently asked questions

Q: How many products can I have?

A: You can have as many as you want, with 7 photos

Q: Do you use my iPhone’s storage?

A: Yes, Briefty stores everything on your phone, but product images are optimised to save your storage space

Q: I have a suggestion or an issue

A: Please send us a message via the Contact us form below

Q: Do you do partnership?

A: It depends, please send us a message

More about Briefty

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From time to time we may post what we are about or what’s coming. If you have something interesting or questions, please let us know.

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